At first, Heidi just wanted to showcase the talents that so many passionate food bloggers possessed and inspire every person to create something special and beautiful in the kitchen. But then she later discovered that her job again was not something just of her own, she couldn’t just feature other bloggers. She had to create her own recipes too.

Heidi is now a food blogger herself and she loves sharing with others wonderful recipes and photos of her own creations. She is now a full-time blogger though she still designs magazines for others and creates e-books. Other than blogging, she enjoys meeting with other food bloggers especially those she has featured on her own magazine and loved their recipes.

6. I Heart Naptime

Author: Jamielyn Nye

I Heart Naptime is a lifestyle and food blog she started for sharing delicious and easy recipes, crafted ideas and tips to help families create fun memories they can cherish. Jamielyn started her blog 6 years ago driven by the passion for spicing up her life and making delicious dishes for her husband in a special way.I Heart Naptime

Jamielyn has an eye for style and is naturally a creative whiz who enjoys dreaming up delicious recipes and spends her time recreating those thoughts into actual images she shares with the world. Her pictures tell stories that her audience finds it easy and simple to make.

She has naturally become a Pin interest prodigy gathering a global audience of over 3 million followers. Her beautiful and unique DIY crafts have earned her a spot on bounteous popular websites including the Huffing Post, Lowes, Fox, ABC, KSL, and Examiner to name a few.

When she’s not busy cooking and creating marvelous recipes, she’s chasing after her three kids or spending time with her husband. She also loves trying new things and enjoys life with her family.

5. What’s for Lunch Honey?

Author: Meeta

A creative name don’t you think? Meeta’s food blog is an expression of her love for food, not so much for eating the food but making it for her loved ones. She loves seeing people relish her food, the satisfaction look on people’s faces when they taste her delicious food has always been worthwhile and her fuel to keep cooking and one of the reasons she started her blog.

What’sMeeta’s blog is her way of expressing her rambles and discoveries, her muses, and sharing her experiments and ideas she stumbles along the way. She shares a myriad of recipes all put together with a lot of passion, love, and care which come from various newspapers, blogs, and her very own experiments.

Meeta whole life revolved around hotel setups, her dad is an hotelier and as a little girl, she spent most of her time in hotel kitchens. Choosing to follow her dad’s footsteps, she studied Hotel Management, specializing in Marketing and Guest Relations. During her hotel life, while working for one of the finest luxury hotels of this world in Doha, Qatar.

A tiny spark for food was ignited in her soul and she decided to follow it through. In 2008, she started her blog. Meeta now lives in Germany with her son and husband enjoying blogging and foodography the chronicles of her kitchen.

4. Coconut and Lime

Author: Racheal Rappaport

Racheal Rappaport is a professional recipe developer, food blogger, and cookbook author and food columnist.Coconut and Lime She also has an expansive fruit garden where she grows berries, plums, narrative fruits, and apples. Though she is a full-time blogger now, she wasn’t always one, she was a career woman with a BA in Urban History and MA in Education.

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