Author: Julie Moore

Julie’s blog is her personal journey of expressing herself and becoming fabulous and Fit in all aspects of her life despite having Fibromyalgia.Natural and Free

Julie is a born again believer, a mother of 3 and a wife who uses her blog to express her passion for natural foods. She shares a variety of heartwarming recipes on natural foods all of which are free of allergens. She hopes to help out or those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and/or the top 8 allergens eat healthily.


24. C.A.F.E

Author: Jackie Ourman

Jackie expresses her love for food in her blog. She had always been in love with food until her son was diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to nuts and another son diagnosed with Celiac disease a disease that her mom had and one she has too. With this knowledge, she decided to start making her family delicious meals with foods that they could have rather than thinking of foods they couldn’t have. Eventually, her sons started seeing the benefit of having a gluten free diet and embraced their culture which then reaped a lot of benefits for them looking on the bright side.C.A.F.E

What started as a sole quest of making delicious gluten-free meals from her family, led her to open a blog where she could share allergy-friendly and gluten-free recipes as well as some resources she had found helpful in and out of the kitchen to others who were going through the same predicament.

Her goal on her blog is to help her family and others going through the same predicament. This journey of helping herself and others has led her to make great strides and achievements in her life some of which being earning various awards for her blog and getting the opportunity to work it the Bon Appetite magazine.

23. The Full Plate Blog

Author: Eila Johnson

The full plate blog is all about simple and healthy recipes which you can try and recreate every day. This blog is what you need to be reading if you are looking for from scratch cooking lessons for when you want an extravagant meal or a simple dish in some of your busiest days. Eila loves to spend time in the kitchen, either cooking some of her best meals or trying out something new. She uses her blog to share make-ahead recipe dishes and simple-to-make recipes that anyone can find easy going around even the busiest of moms.The Full Plate Blog

Eila has received recognition from Forbes 2012: Top 100 websites women should follow, The Circle: Top 25 Foodie Moms 2013 for her blog as well as won several awards for her passion and love for cooking and sharing absolute lovely recipes every mom needs.

22. Modern Family Cooking

Author: Nicole Brier

Modern Family Cooking is a great blog all about making delicious meals for the family with no stress. Nicole presents various recipes that she shares with her followers on how to make various finger licking meals and making them look so good without the stress involved in thinking of cooking.Modern Family Cooking

Nicole is a mom, a food lover, French Culinary Institute top award winning graduate, a caterer and a former chef with a lot of experience to share. Nicole’s blog features everything from salads, main courses, desserts to simple and fun recipe ideas. Through her blogging life she has received numerous awards some being The Circle of mom’s recipe of the day winner and being featured in the Circle of Moms: Top 25 Foodie moms 2013.

21. Family Fresh Meals

Author: Corey

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