Sugar though sweet is a great enemy, Brenda uses her blog Sugar-Free mom to show that sugar-free food does not mean saying goodbye to tasty, she focuses on using sugar-free substitutes and natural sugars to create healthier versions of popular and beloved recipes. Sugar-Free Mom

Brenda is a health-conscious mom who tries the best of her ability to eat and provide her family with foods that are natural as possible. Through her sharing beloved recipes, she has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals and maintain them. Her favorite sugar-free substitutes are erythritol and stevia while the natural sugar substitutes of choice are raw, or unfiltered honey. To learn more about her sugar-free recipes, visit her blog and/or buy her cookbook Sugar-Free Mom, Naturally Sweet & Sugar-Free Recipes for the Whole Family.

28. Manila Spoon

Author: Abby Raines

A self-taught cook, Abby started her blog ago, to share with the world some of her favorite recipes. Abby’s blog is all about sharing recipe dishes that emulate home-style dishes from the Philippines and beyond from her home-tested and tried delicious dishes and from many travels abroad. With this blog, get ready for a super yummy treat through all the recipes you try.Manila Spoon

Amy’s journey to cooking is quite interesting, unlike most bloggers, her love for cooking did not begin naturally, well not right away anyway, she learned to cook mainly as a necessity and with time found her love in cooking.

She learned how to cook by following recipes to the letter and mostly through try and error, she started her blog MannilaSpoon mainly due to her desire to have her recipes compiled together so she could have an easy time finding them, and from then, she started turning her words into pictures. Her desire for food kept growing and then later started sharing her delicious recipes with friends and family and eventually with the world.

27. My JudytheFoodie Blog

Author: Shari Brooks

Judy’s blog My JudytheFoodie was as a result of great and artful inspiration from her mom, it is basically her expression of her mom’s life through cooking. In her blog, Judy shares the childhood recipes she learned from her mom. My JudytheFoodie Blog

After her mom died, Judy learned there was so much more to her mom than she ever knew, her love for cooking was evident since it was her therapy and she enjoyed making people happy with her cooking even though she was fighting a terminal disease all through. After her mom succumbed to cancer 4 years ago, Judy vowed to keep her mom’s memory alive and abundant culinary legacy.

Needless to say, this blog is an emotional journey as Judy tries to expose her mom’s determination and strength as a wife, mother and indubitably as a celebrated cook which she does so good at. This is a daughter’s memory book through mouthwatering meals and fun recipes to try. Her blog was featured in the top 25 foodie moms in the circle of moms in the 2013 edition.

26. The Way to His Heart

Author: Maeghan

Maeghan is a passionate cook from Kennebunkport, ME. She didn’t begin cooking until she met her husband who being a picky eater, she had to be careful about what she made for the family.

The Way to His HeartHowever, through numerous recipes, some original by herself, some she found along the way and some she obtained from family friends, she was able to make meals that they were both happy with and enjoyed. Maeghan was honored in the Cooking Light Blogger of the month in 2014.

Through her blogging journey, Meaghan expresses her love for food and cooking from scratch using organic and local ingredients to transform mere ingredients into lovely and delicious meals. Her blog is an expression of her showing love for her family and friends through food and not just tasty food, but pretty food too. She strives to make good food as she says “Good food is just comforting.”

25. Natural and Free

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