Author: Fatemah Alhusayni

Fetemah is a Muslim who started her blog in search of an identity and trying to rediscover her roots and history through her culture, traditions and from her religion through food blogging. Saffron Pudding

She uses her blog to share and introduce to the world various mouthwatering and delicious recipes that made her traditional Kuwaiti Middle Eastern cuisine so unique. On her Saffron Pudding blog, you will find a recipe index made of a myriad of wonderful recipes you should try. If you are up to try food from a different culture, you should check out this blog.


32. Alexandra’s Kitchen

Author: Alexandra Stafford

All kinds of mouthwatering dishes are found on this blog. Alexandra gets her inspiration of cooking from her mother and from the number of places and chefs she has worked for through the years. Alexandra’s love for cooking and healthy living is without a doubt evident from her mostly simple, sometimes fussy and seasonal recipes. She is currently writing a cookbook that you should look out for and writes a weekly column about weeknight cooking for Food52 that you can follow.Alexandra

Alexandra has quite a number of achievements as her blog and Kitchen has been recognized by The New York Times, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Goop, Food52, Domaine Home, The Huffington Post, Design Sponge, Wisconsin Cheese, FairTrade and Ballard Design and has been handpicked by Food52.

31. The Forest Feast

Author: Erin Gleeson

Gather entertaining inspiration from this blog through delicious recipes. The Forest Feat blog is all about sharing simple and detailed mostly vegetarian recipes, that is all kinds of plant-based recipes into artful and entertaining food ideas. The Forest FeastIn this blog, Erin Gleeson makes it her sole purpose to provide style and inspirational food recipes that are not only fun to work with but delicious too. The forest feast blog has been turned into a New York’s best seller for those who are crazed by the blog.

Through her books: her first cookbook the Forest Feast, her second book, The Forest Feast for Kids (a children’s recipe book), and her third book The Forest Feast Gatherings (a fascinating recipe book with menus to fit different occasions) Erin hopes to inspire healthy recipe ideas that anyone can make– dishes that are easy enough after a long day at work, yet impressive enough for a party.

30. Bottom of the pot

Author: Naz Deravian

This blog is all about celebrating the season with different foods as well as adventures in cooking Persian foods and more. Naz has been a food blogger since April 2012 she began her blog as a simple journal where she shared the Persian recipes she simply remembered from her childhood.

Bottom of the pot

She is married with 2 little girls and spends most of her time on her freelancing job and her free time daydreaming about what to cook.

Probably, her reason for the blog. The bottom pf the pot was born as a tapestry of recreating the smells and tastes of her childhood memories mixed in with new aromas. Her blog has received various recognitions through the years. When she is not on her cutting board and rice pot she occasionally works as an actress.

29. Sugar-Free Mom

Author: Brenda Bennet

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