Racheal only uses her own recipes on her blog which she finds joy when developing from scratch herself. She has currently had three cookbooks featuring over 300 different recipes each.

Racheal is quite popular for her recipes and many have come to her for some of her famous work, she has also developed recipes for other people, national brands, and companies including GeneralMills. She has several recipes available on popular websites such as Yoplait, Live America, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso.

3. Food Haven Made Easy


Author: Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

The name of this blog sounds like the name one would give to an amazing restraint or delivery service right? Wendy and Jess are both registered dietarians with masters in nutrition. They are two best friends who love to eat, cook and blog about anything nutrition. Food Haven Made Easy

They started their blog back in 2011 with the goal to help people live their best life through having a healthy body which starts with good nutrition. They are both vegetarians and their blog is all about sharing delicious, healthy plant-based recipes. The duo is happy helping people live a clean healthy life enjoying their meals and support people on a weight loss journey achieve their targets through the right diet.

Their blog is a compilation of various vegetarian recipes nutrition tips and cooking videos.

2. Kitchen Konfidence


Author: Brandon Matzek

Brandon is a food explorer, dessert lover, cocktail shaker and a recipe curator. He loves cooking challenges and he is often trying to cook something new or different in his best personal get away haven –the kitchen. He started his blog in 2010 to express the two things he loves the most, photography and cooking quite vividly.Kitchen Konfidence

Growing up in an Italian-Eastern European family in New Jersey, Brandon was comfortable replicating delicious family recipes. When he moved to San Diego, however, he was introduced to a whole new scenery he couldn’t wait to explore and ignited his cooking passion. His hope is that through his blog, he can inspire other cooks to get out of their comfort zone and try out something new. Apart from cooking and photography, he enjoys traveling with his boyfriend.

1. Faring Well


Author: Jessie Synder

Jessie Synder is an amazing food blogger living in Southern California. Jessie launched Faring Well in November 2014. Faring WellHer favorite things to do are creating wholesome delicious recipes to share with her readers and camping adventures. She shares recipes with plants and whole foods, no wheat flour only gluten free flour and her personal favorite spelled flour.

Jessie has gained recognition from the Saveur Magazine’s editors and further won the Editor’s Choice for Best New Voice for her spectacular work on her blog. With many tasty recipes on her blog, her meals will tantalize the taste buds of any reader who chooses to put them to action whether they are vegans or vegetarians, she has something for everyone.

For a food blogger to be successful, there must be something unique about them that makes them stand out. The above list of bloggers shows some of the top 35 food bloggers who have a passionate voice driving their site and share some incredible recipes anyone would love.

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