In this day and age, blogging has become the in thing. At top planet list we sometimes talk about food, such as Popular Chocolate Brands, most expensive chocolate.

We are living in an era where almost everyone has access to the internet and have the ability to click on the mouse and post anything they see fit on the internet, now it seems that anyone with an opinion can have taken to either a tablet and started a blog

As a matter of fact, blogging is on the rampant today, anyone, anywhere with an interest in something, in particular, can set up a platform instantly and reach out millions of readers.

Choosing which food blogs to follow can be quite daunting. The blogs on our list offer everything from simple musing about life and food, out of this world recipes, realistic tips to help you eat smarter and avoid the calories, to popular diet trends.

If you are not acquainted with any of these bloggers, stop what you are doing and take a look at the Top 35 Cooking Blogs in 2017.

35. Bright Bird

Author: Sonia Ramos Garcia

Sonia is a make-up artist, photography enthusiast a passionate food blogger and a Master’s Bright BirdNutritionist student and Human Diet in the University of Barcelona with a great passion for good nutrition, healthy living, and overall health.

She dedicates her blog to helping people eat healthier through a whole-foods, plant based and vegan diet. Sonia’s journey as a vegan begun about 8 years back but not until 2011 when her mother was hospitalized for a strange illness that kept her for weeks in the hospital due to poor eating habits did she decide to start taking greater care for her health.

Since then, she and her family started eating healthy and she made it her life mission to help others maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and nutrition through delicious plant-based recipes.

Sonia is very passionate about nutrition and believes in the power to not only prevent diseases and bad eating habits that could cost us a full well lived life but also, reverse the most common diseases in our society which are attributed to poor eating habits.

34. Southern Made Simple

Author: Laura TuckerSouthern Made Simple

The minute you start reading her blog you will feel right at home and cozy. Laura is an easy ‘child of God, wife and a mother of one’ as she describes herself.

If you are a lover of Southern cuisine, you can find an array of home cooked goodness recipes, from sweet to savory dishes you can try at the heart of your home, a Do It You food project as well as fun and easy food recipe and snack craft ideas for the little ones. Check out her blog to enter into a world of fun in a simple way with a smidge of Southern charm.


33. Saffron Pudding

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