His abilities to block Pokémon’s special ability that destroys some Pokémon’s makes him have a winning end. He controls not only Pokémon minds but also people’s mind. He can learn different moves which grant him greater coverage and his speed is the second fastest out of all Pokémons.

5. ShayminShaymin

Shaymin is a sky/ grass warrior that was revealed in February 2008 that’s when it was recorded as the star of the great Giratina and the sky warrior. One thing about Shaymin that is worth noting is that it changes its form in certain hours of the day. From land form, it can transition to sky form on certain times of the day using the Gracidea flower that transforms it into an elegant appearance so unique from another landform Pokémon.

Shaymin is blessed with high-powered special moves and prides in base stat of 100 spread which gives it the ability to do its signature move Seed Flare

4. ReshiramReshiram

Unlike Shaymin, Reshiram is a flying type and a Dragon. It appeared in the version of mascot Pokémon Black, and it’s a faithful member of the Tao Trio a major legendary of the Unova Region History.

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