Giratina is known to be ruthless and aggressive and was created to represent antimatter. Some of Pokemon fans say that Giratina is the devil Pokemon via a series of fan theories making it become a cult favorite.

7. DragoniteDragonite

Dragonite evolved from Dragonair, and it’s the most impressing and best Pokemon you can have until Mewto is released but besides that Dragonite possess a higher defense of 212 to Mewtow’s 202. What makes it powerful has an attack of 250 and stamina of 182 meaning he can defend and attack any gym effectively.

His Dragon offense is the best against all other Dragon-types, and his defense type works better for Fire, Electric, Water, and Grass. His flying offense is best against Fighting, Bug, and Grass types while his defense is great against Grass, Bug, Ground and Fighting.

6. MewtwoMewtwo

If Mewtwo could miss on this list, many would not agree with the criteria used for this selection. Mewtwo is a legend of all Pokemon it was among the first 150 Pokemon. It was created by science using Mew’s DNA, and it uses its psychic abilities to cause havoc against its opponents.

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