His punches are fast, with an ability to throw 500 punches per second and besides an impressive speed, it also boasts of tremendous strength and this what makes him as one of the strongest Pokemon. It has four strong hands that can move a whole mountain, and it uses these hands to hit from multiple angles. Mechamp is known for always being ready to start a fight it’s a brave and a serious fighter.

11. AlakazamAlakazam

Alakazam is just unique in its own way its brains cells keeps on multiplying as it continues to grow and this trait makes it boast of an IQ of 5000. This places it an advantage to other ordinary Pokemon, and it has the best brain it remembers everything that has happened in this world since the first day it was hatched. How incredible is that!

It has many psychic skills and abilities from his massive brain, and it uses them to move its body instead of its muscles. However, there is a flip side of its massive brain cells as its makes its head heavy perhaps the reasons it prefers to use psychic ability to hold upright its neck and head. What makes this Pokemon powerful are its massive IQ and tremendous psychic abilities.

10. DittoDitto

Ditto’s power is epic that many of his enthusiasts have argued its case to be the strongest Pokemon of all time. Its power gives it an excellent opportunity for both attack and defense. This Pokemon can literally transform to anything it’s a known shapeshifter meaning it can change to any other Pokemon more so to that Pokemon that it’s weak against and the possibilities of its transformation are endless.

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