Besides that, Ice types aren’t so effective against Lapras Ice type defense hence you can depend on the water type. What makes Lapras be among the top best Pokemon in this list is because it boasts of the offense of 186, dense of 190 and stamina of 260.

13. GrimerGrimer

Grimer is loved for all good reasons it can help you build a full army. He is known to take asexual reproduction to a higher level with its crazy ability to reproduce. When it moves it normally shed bids of the body, and that part develops into new grimer, and each of them will have the same ability resulting into a very high population of slime creatures.

There is a cutting point, however, with the growth of each new grimer the bad smell continues to worsen which means the more gimers reproduced the worst the smell is emitted. Bad smell aside, he has been able to secure a place in the list of the strongest Pokemon.

12. MechampMechamp

By all indications, you can tell Mechamp is strong even by its looks alone. It’s a fighting type and a final form of Machop, which evolved from Machoke. Machamp is indeed a fighting champion, and he possesses some of the best fighting skills of all the Pokemon.

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