The regular Groudon is purely a ground type, but Primo Groudon is more than a ground fire type. You have seen this Pokemon showcasing its abilities in the remake Pokémon Omega Ruby and mascot of Pokémon Ruby. Whereas Kyogre is known to control the sea primo controls the continents, and it sleeps underground, and it causes volcanoes when it awakens.

18. FlareonFlareon

This Pokemon is the evolution of Eevee, and it’s the strongest in the family of Trio. It possesses great combat skills as it’s so fast. Flareon is a fire type, and it has a defensive mode that is great against the Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel.

17. VaporeonVaporeon

Vaporeon is one of the strongest Pokemon Go and being a water type it boasts of very quick attacks and what makes him a great gym attacker is an offense of 186 and stamina of 260 that make him have great strengths from his peers.
Vaporeon is effective against many Pokemon apart from Grass, Dragon and water types and in a defensive stance, it might not be good with ice, fire water types, and steel.

16. Arcanine

Arcanine is a Pseudo-Legendary and a water type Pokemon Go that evolved from Growlithe using a rare gem full of fire power and a fire stone. Its boast of loyalty and brave and it’s regarded as being friendly to its trainer and not just by being strong but so brave that its sometimes being used as police dogs in the anime.

One out of its many strengths is that it can run for 6200 miles in just a day and it runs so calmly that it appears like its flying. How great is that! That is a speed rarely found in most Pokemon.

15. GyaradosGyarados

Gyarados is a flying and water type, and neither is better than the other. His water stance offensive is more effective against ground, rock and fire types. While his water defense is more effective against Ice, Fire, water and steel types.

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