For this reason, we know picking the strongest Pokemon Go may not be easy but for us. We have done an exclusive research, and we will give reasons for each Pokemon to support this selection of top 20 strongest Pokemon, and if you differ with our list, you can leave us a comment stating the reasons.

20. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross
If appearance is anything to go by Mega deserves to be in this list it looks strong as it evolved from Metang and is the form of Beldum. One surprising thing about Mega is that it doesn’t have any gender besides being a steel-psychic type Pokémon and it made its first appearance in generation three.

According to the information released by Metagross is a product of two Metang fusing together this means that it has four brains that work together to make it a strong Pokemon.

19. Primo Groudon

Primo Groudon
Primo is one of the strongest Pokemon, and you can tell this because when it holds the Red Orb, it goes through Primal Reversion and in turns become Primal Groudon.

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