Perhaps this what makes it stronger because with the genes of every competitor you can expect nothing than the best from it. Using all the genes, it got from other Pokemon it’s able to learn their various attack methods and therefore have a wide range of possible attacks to use at its disposal.

Mew does not have any limits of its power and finding more of its abilities is easy than finding its limits, and it adapt quickly to new situations. More so Mew can travel freely through water or air and can transform itself to invisible at will and if Mew being in this list doesn’t impress you, then nothing will.

2. ArceusArceus

Arceus power is an indisputable being of the legendary Pokemon in this list he possesses many strengths that make him appear on this list. He is famously known for creating the whole planet with its entire 1,000 hands, and so basically he is the god of all creation in the world of Pokemon.

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