His main debut in the wrestling industry started after winning the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia in the heavyweight division of freestyle wrestling. Kurt didn’t stop there as he later won World Championship and he has been breaking records of winning ever since. Kurt is estimated to be $ 20 million richer.


Although many people refer to him as Big Show, his official names are Paul Wight. He is among the top legends in the WWE and of the best star who rarely gets defeated, and he has held the WWE world champion seven times. Besides that other notable achievements are holding the belt title of ECW, WWE, WCW, and World Heavyweight Championship for at least once.

He also a Grand Slam and Triple Crown champion among many other titles. He has been in the wrestling industry for many decades, and he is estimated to hold a net worth of $ 30 million.

2. Steve Austin – $45 millionSteve Austin

Also known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, he is the most profitable wrestler in the history of WWE. He carried the King of the Ring title in 1996 and the Royal Rumble Champion for two years consecutively 1997, 1998 he later lost and reclaimed it back in 2001.

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