He takes home an estimated $ 6 million per year that’s according to celebrity net worth Lesnar is $ 16 million wealthier. Despite him not appearing on the match more often his matches are the most notable and significant in the WWE.


Who doesn’t know The Undertaker of WWE this, man is very popular and of the legends in the WWE. He has been in the industry for decades, and although his real names are Mark William Calaway, he is popularly known as The Undertaker.

He is one of the top record WrestleMania record holders of 20- 0 win-loss mark and four times WWE Champion Royal Rumble champion and six-time WWE tag team champion. Additionally, The Undertaker has been associated with assorted specialty matches like the Buried Alive match, the Casket Match, Last Ride match and the Hell in a Cell. No wonder he is worth all that money estimated to be $ 16million.


Shawn was once a part of The Midnight Rockers a tag team consisting Marty Jannetty and him but later become popularly known as The Heartbreak Kid. More so, Shawn has been a part of the renowned and influential groups including D-Generation X and The Kliq.

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