This title pushed his net worth to $5.5 Million, and it seems that it will continue to skyrocket.

12. Bubba Ray Dudley – $6.5MBubba Ray Dudley

Bubba has been on our TV screens for 20 years now, and he started off in EWC then WWE and TNA. He has won the World Heavyweight Championship for two times together with his team member D-Von. This championship title has made the wealth of Bubba to rise to $6.5 Million.


Sheamus started his wrestling career in Irish Whip Wrestling where he won the Championship twice before moving to WWE back in 2009.

In the WWE he became an event talent, and he won the hearts of many fans he moved a lot of merchandise and which has made him be $7 million worth.


Kane is one of the legendary at WWE having been in the ring for 20 years and still going strong despite him approaching 50 years of age.

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