Having been in the Wrestling ring for three decades now, he is worth $ 3.5 million a great reward for his effort and consistency in the industry.

15.  BELLA – ($4M)BELLA

The beautiful woman in the WWE Bella has got more male fans than female perhaps because of her beauty and being able to do what many men are unable to do. Bella came to break the monotony of the male dominated wrestling industry.

She has been battling it out with twin sister Nikki who left the industry last year to pursue other businesses.  Bella is the richest paid woman wrestler, and she is worth $4M.


Mark is not a new face in the WWE he started with the Olympics as a powerlifter between 1992 and 1996. Vince McMahon believed in his abilities he contracted him for ten years and he has been battling it out for 20 years now.

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