World Wrestling Entertainment referred to as  (WWE) is one of the strongest wrestling brands in the world that have entertained its enthusiast for many years. If you are one of the many WWE enthusiasts, you must be having a number of favorite wrestlers that you cheer when the wrestling is going live on T.V, and you know how it breaks your heart when your favorite wrestlers lose to his opponent or how it feels good when he wins.

Wrestling like any other sport it has been about losing or winning, but apart from having your favorite wrestlers have you ever desired to know how much they earn or how much they are worth? Well, this article will enlighten you about the top 16 richest wrestlers that you probably didn’t know their worth.


Dudley is a known face in the WWE and ECW and TNA for over 30 years now, and he is still counting and going strong. At the age of 43 years, Dudley held the Tag Team Championship in the famous WWE a title that has not been held by many wrestlers.

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