All Siamese kittens are born cream in color but their color changes when they are four weeks old. You will find that most adult Siamese cats have dark brown points and an ivory, bluish-white, milk-chocolate or cinnamon pink coat.

6. PersianPersian

The Persian cats are known for their good looks and colorful furry coat. The Persian cat is an attractive cat breed that originated in Persia. This cat has over 80 color variations available and comes in brown, blue-green or blue eyes that will completely captivate you and make you want to take this cat home.

This is a calm and gentle cat that likes to spend its time with other pets and members of the family, beware it is very demanding of affection and attention as well.

5. Main CoonMain Coon

This longhaired cat breed is one of the most beautiful and popular cat breeds in the world. The Main Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America and is endowed with valuable hunting skills.

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