Leadership is key and in every institution to succeed there ought to be a leader, be it in families, work centers, schools, in a country and so on. The world is divided into so many countries that in turn have formed the type of governments to rule its people, and the different types of government are like the republic, democratic, Monarchy, and finally aristocracy. The common form of government is the democratic government which is best defined as the ‘the government of people, from the people and the people.

This type of government values the rights of its people and ought to respect them. However, other countries are ruled by non-democratic governments and the citizens don’t enjoy the rights of a democratic government which is so sad.

In case you are thinking and pondering which are those countries that are still managed in the old colonial way of non-democratic government, rest your worries below is a list of top 15 non-democratic countries.

15. CubaCuba

Cuba is a very small country situated in the northern Caribbean where the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet.The country became an independent State in 1902 when it gained its sovereignty from Spain.

Cuba has been a non-democratic country for the longest the economic growth and income are managed by a powerful group of people because the country is a communist state.
Cuba is known for the all bad reasons like human rights violation between her people and the aristocrats. Her citizens are often viewed as slaves.

14. JordanJordan

Jordan country is the Arab Kingdom in Western Asia bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq and the Dead Sea of Jordan to the west. It’s a landlocked country with a population of 9.5 million.

Besides being considered as the safest country in the Middle East the type of government governing the country is Constitutional Monarchy ruled by a King who serves as the Head of State and Commander in Chief.

13. LibyaLibya

Libya is a country in North of Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Sudan to the west.

In 1951 Libya declared independent as the United Kingdom of Libya governed by a constitutional Monarchy under King Idris.The poor country started developing when oil reserves were discovered in 1961 a group of officers who were not impressed by the leadership of King Idris as he took all the wealth of the country in his hands decided to change the government.

Ever since Libya has been going through leadership transformation and to date, they have not managed to form a stable government.

12. IraqIraq

Iraq is known as a country of war for decades now, and the country is governed by a form of dictatorship under Dictator Saddam Hussein.

95% of the country citizens are Muslims, and human rights are violated in 2010 Iraq was declared as the most unstable country politically.

11. North KoreaNorth Korea

Japan had occupied North Korea for the longest time in memorial, but in 1945 the countries engaged in World War II that gave way for North Korea to separate from Japan. And since its independence, the government powers have been in the hands of Korean’s worker’s party.
North Korea seems to enjoy it that way as it officially described her country as a self-reliant socialist State.


Saudi Arabia is known as a country that still practices slave trade and also as the wealthiest country that is supported economically by oil trade. The country is under the Monarchy system of Government led by a King.

The King has 13 governors under him to help him manage the 13 Provinces, and there is a Cabinet that advises on the economic and social issues affecting the country.


This is the only country that has sugar coated itself as a democratic country to the outside people but the inside sources especially its citizens says that the government in place is authoritarianism as the government powers are in the hands of the presidential administration.

While the Turkmenistan leadership claims that her country is a republic the leaders don’t represent its people and their rights are violated.


Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia and South Asia with a population of around 32 million.
The president is led by the popular president Ashraf Ghani and his deputy Sarwar Danish the government is a transitional one as the country has engaged in multiple wars fighting for powers.

In 2014 it was voted as the 4th most corrupt country by which corruption starts from its top officials in government.


Syria is a presidential republic led by a highly authoritarian regime. The country has been at war for the longest and has been politically unstable.

People’s Council leads the State legislative, and the administration has led the people in a dictatorship type of government.


Despite being one of the developed countries the type of leadership in place is the communist form of government as the entire Social, political, military and economic power belongs to the Chinese Communist party.

China is the most populated country, but the only sad thing is that her citizens’ rights are violated. There is nothing in China like freedom of expression, liberty or independence of her people.

5. VietnamVietnam

Vietnam became famous when there was a war between South and North Vietnam. The southern part was Monarch type leadership system while Northern was led by the democratic type of government.

The North part emerged victorious of the war and transitioned the government system to a Communist Party, and all political and social power is led by a communist party ever since.

4. MoroccoMorocco

Morocco has in place a bicameral parliament and its led by the King as the Head of State. However, her Judiciary is independent. The constitution runs under Monarchy, and the media is not allowed to discuss anything that relates to the Monarchy.

Human rights and freedom are violated, and Christianity religion is banned from the country.

3. QatarQatar

Qatar is one of the wealthiest country in the Middle East besides that the type of government in place is purely Monarchy. Led by the Emir of Qatar heading the state as well as the government, Sharia law is the major source of legislation accepted by the constitution.

The laws on crimes, family, and inheritance are followed according to the Sharai Laws.

2. BahrainBahrain

Since 2002 the Bahrain has been under constitutional Monarchy. The King is the head of State and later taken over by Crown Prince. The government is under the prime minister besides that the country has a bicameral legislature whereby the King only appoints 40 seats of Consultative Council and the 40 members of the Council of Representatives are elected for four-year-terms.

1. Vatican CityVatican City

Vatican is the smallest State both by population and area. The state is led by the head of Catholic Church all the political powers belong entirely to the pope and when the pope dies another is elected to power in a conclave held at Sistine Chapel comprising of cardinal electors below the age of 80.

In Conclusion:

The above top 15 non-democratic countries have a lot someone can emulate from; this is because most of them are not non-democratic by choice of the citizens but due to misuse of power, constant wars that led to political instability and so on. Everyone would like to have his/her human rights respected and freedom of worship allowed, and we can tell that citizens have done all sort of things to fight for a democratic type of government without success.

Only a few of non-democratic country reviewed here like Vatican City and a few others have the type of leadership that is embraced by her people.