It delivers 7.62mm round perhaps the reason it’s widely used by over 90 countries and countless groups of militias. More so, it’s used as a sniper rifle, squad light machine gun, or combat rifle. It boasts of flexibility, accuracy, and durability.

2. Stoner AR-15Stoner AR-15

Stoner falls under the category of M16, M4 and the AR-15 they feature the same design, uses the same parts but fitted with different accessories.

It’s quite accurate to mid-range, portable, accurate and compact design. The Stoner was made in the United States by Eugene Stoner in 1950s

1. DSR-Precision Sniper RifleDSR-Precision Sniper Rifle

DSR was invented in Germany and the rounds coming out is equal with that of M2 HB the distinct feature about this rifle is that it can hit a 2- inch target from a ½ mile away, which means the bullet will take you down before you hear gun firing.

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