However, out of the five versions only two that are mostly used the G1 and G2 because of high accuracy and portability features.

10. M16M16

M16 is one of the most powerful firearms to have ever been invented by the US in the 60s. It’s a contemporary firearm that has more speed and high accuracy in long range at a rate of 900 rounds per minute.

It’s lightweight allowing arms to carry more projectiles, besides portability and power M16 is known by fighters that it’s one of those firearms that don’t fail you in a war as it does not jam.

9. Tavor

Israel is a country which has invented the most powerful fire weapons, and this one here is not an exempt. It’s ideal for close war situations, but what shocks many is that this rifle has never been used in any way, the Israel Army says that it’s a weapon to be used in future wars.

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