M4 it’s a bit shorter and lighter than M6 Rifle hence easy to move around with. War countries like Iraq and Afghanistan use this as their main weapon. However, there are a number of individuals who possess it for self- defense. M4 is known for accuracy, power and reliable speed of 910 m/s.

12. Steyr AugSteyr Aug

Australia boasts of being the first country to invent this firearm back in 1978.This versatile weapon is widely used by many forces around the world specially designed for those who operate with their left hand, but still the right handed can use it efficiently and with lots of ease just like left-handed.

The most distinct feature about the firearm has a capability of being run on both rotating pistons and bolt guns. This gun is more accurate and powerful it fires 600 rounds per minute. Three countries are known to have fully utilized the capability of this rifle during wars and that are Iraq, Syrian and Afghanistan.


This weapon was invented in 1981 in France by Nexter manufacturers, and they made it available in 5 versions each having distinctive features.

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