These chocolates are so loved that this brand had to have several outlets in the US, Canada, and Europe to satisfy the demand. Some of the best varieties produced by this chocolate are Dove, Fruitia, Jewels Galaxy, as well as Caramel.

2. GuylianGuylian

Have you probably heard of the name Guylian right? If you are a lover of chocolates then the answer is probably yes. Our runner up is the Guylian chocolates which are made of different things to suit everyone’s taste. This beautifully designed chocolate take up different shapes that are quite pretty to look at they include, the shape of a sea shell as well as flavors of cocoa and roasted hazelnuts.these chocolates are incredibly sweet and savory and anyone can like them.

Every bite is a taste of heaven in the mouth that will absolutely delight anyone. Guylian is produced by some of the most hardworking people and artist who want to deliver nothing but the very best. This brand is appropriate for anyone who is a little picky about chocolate and likes to try out different things.

1. Ferrero RocherFerrero Rocher

The world’s favorite and the most popular and the crème de la crème chocolate in the market and probably your favorite chocolate in the world is the Ferrero Rocher. This brand is more than 200 years old but still takes up a high tier among some of the most expensive, beautiful creative and all kind of chocolates available in the market today.

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