The wafers and chocolates sold by this brand are worth a taste to any chocolate lover in the world.

4. Domingo GhirardeliDomingo Ghirardeli

The story behind the Italian founder and creator of this chocolates is absolutely inspiring. Founded in 1852, Domingo Ghirardeli had just stepped out of poverty when he decided to try out something new and make this tasty and beautiful chocolates.

He had no idea that this chocolate brand would dive into the world and be a personal favorite of so many people, well, it did. At number 4, the irresistible Ghirardeli chocolates are made from milk, chocolate with coco darks that darks for producing a tasty caramel.

3. GalaxyGalaxy

Founded in 1986, Galaxy is one of the most sorts after chocolates in the world, with a fair share of its company owned by the Mars brand also featured in this review, these chocolates are an absolute delight for any chocolate lover. The Galaxy chocolates contain a nice flavor made from cocoa and ripped milk and to add a twist to their taste, these chocolates are combined with the mouth-watering fruity flavors.

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