It was born in 1935 and since then, its rich taste has been craved by a myriad of chocolate lovers all around the world.this chocolate is broken into different parts and comes in a sealed paper with a beautiful look. This brand was originally known as Kit Cat but later morphed to Kit Kat, one of the most sorts after chocolates the world has today.

9. Lindt and SprungliLindt and Sprungli

This incredible taste of this chocolate emerged in the world in Zurich in 1845, though those are some very long years back, this chocolate has evolved into some of the most incredible tastes the world has ever had.

This brand has the best white chocolate in the world that people can stop craving for. It further brings forth some handsome collections to choose from that would appeal all chocolate lovers in the world. It also comes in an appealing sleek look.

8. CardburyCardbury

Cardbury is a well-known chocolatier who started his career in London in 1824. The heirs of him started this existence of this one of a kind chocolate brand in 1913 which I must say has evolved into some of the best chocolates the world has ever seen and tasted.

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