However, this chocolate brand comes to prove them wrong. The rich sweet taste of this chocolate may just make any chocolate hater into a chocolate lover. You don’t believe me? Try it yourself and see for yourself.

14. WonkaWonka

This chocolate brand that sprouted in 1971 is a complete blowing marvelous expectation. A fish out of the water kind of chocolate that will marvel any chocolate lover looking for something different.

13. ToffiffeeToffiffee

Want some lovely chocolates to carry around to delight your taste buds whenever you want? This hazelnut caramel toffee will do just it for you.

12. CaillierCaillier

This chocolate is probably the second oldest chocolate in the world and hey, it still manages to be among the most popular chocolates the world has to offer. These Swiss chocolates come in different flavors that will delight almost any chocolate lover.

These chocolates are so good that you will close your eyes just to have all your senses concentrate on only the safer taste.

11. Dairy Milk silkDairy Milk silk

If you are looking for an exclusive milk brand, try out Dairy Milk Silk. It literally melts in your mouth and makes you savvier those moments it’s lingering on your tongue. It is also a leading brand in most countries in the world.

10. KitkatKitkat

This chocolate is considered by Chocolate lovers as one of the oldest chocolates available on the shelves today, though it may not be as old as some other brands featured in this review, it is indeed old.

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