The dark resinous heartwood Agar wood is relatively light and pale colored produces a dark aromatic resin in response which has been valued in several cultures following its distinctive fragrance mostly used for incense and perfumes

6. Pink IvoryPink Ivory

The Pink Ivory wood also referred to as red ivory is a rare African wood that is quite pricey. this tree grows mainly in South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe and it takes hundreds of years to be able to make something out of it. This wood is quite beautiful and is used to make various products like knife handles, billiard sticks and is also used for medicinal purposes. The shine improves once the wood is polished. Some people even say that this wood is as rare as diamonds.

5. Lignum VitaeLignum Vitae

The Lignum Vitae is quite a lovely wood, that ranges in a variety of different colors from brown to olive greens. This wood is highly valued and its name, when translated means “tree of life” hence, with it, comes to a lot of respect. This wood has its strong suits for its medicinal properties and not as much for its physical prowess. This wood possesses an oily feel that makes it highly durable, it is not affected by insects and is durable for the outdoors.

4. Purple – heart woodPurple – heart wood

The purple heart wood comes in a variety of widths and lengths to make excellent furniture. The tree is mainly expensive because of its beautiful color, this wood turns from light brown to purple when cut and with a passage of years, the wood becomes dark brown with a shade of purple. This wood is commonly used for boat building, making furniture and ancient pieces due to its water-resistant properties and high durability.

3. DalbergiaDalbergia

Delberia wood comes from the genus Albertina, which is identified as medium sized trees. The genus origin of the Dalbergia has immense distribution in the innate tropical areas of the South and Central America, Asia, Africa and Madagascar. This wood has unique properties of rich aromatic oils and great texture hence it is used to make high-class furniture, aromatic species such as rose wood, railway sleepers, sporting goods, bridge drivers and more.

2. BubingaBubinga

The second most valuable wood in the world is the Bubinga wood which comes from the family of Fabaceae. This wood is found on trees mostly grown in Africa. Bubinga is among other 16 species of its family which has unique properties and use with respect to their qualities which are very rare hence making it very valuable. Bubinga wood is mainly used in making fine furniture, veneer, inlays, cabinets and other specialty items. The downside with this wood is that it has reported cases of causing skin irritation to some people.

1. Bocote WoodBocote Wood

The crème de la crème of all woods is the Bocote wood which takes up the high tier of being the most expensive wood on the globe. This wood is beautiful and comes with a hefty price tag mostly found in South and Central America and the Mexico.

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