Unlike other encrusted cases, this case comes with a repair kit with other crystals in case some fall off.

  1. Diamond iPhone Case- $20,000Diamond iPhone Case

This diamond case is for the chosen, few those people who don’t mind shelling out several dollars that are 50 times more the cost of the phone. It’s made of 3.5 karats of diamond that’s makes your iPhone precious and classy than anything else.

  1. Orbino Strada- $320Orbino Strada

We have mentioned several cases that are made of leather but what make this one here stands out from the rest is the patented that is made of palladium metal. Besides the Strada belt being removable it can also be used to prop your device so that you can watch videos at your desk.

This case is designed with a screen protector and a connector access making it worth every penny.


In conclusion:

Are you are a proud iPhone user? There is need to go through the above list of top 16 most expensive iPhone cases and plan on shopping one for yourself. Besides the cases being luxurious they also offer protection to your device.

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