As if that not enough the designer of this bag included a ‘puppy pendant’ in it making it worth the mention.

  1. Gresso Line- $3,000Gresso Line

While Gresso is known to produce independent and handmade bespoke smartphones and some other accessories, there is just one that has kept competitors on their toes. The titanium shell case for iPhone has a lot to be desired as the material is an aircraft grade which is exceptionally strong.

Having been designed from that material, who are we to question the price!

  1. Alexander Amosu- $2,700,000Alexander Amosu

If you thought that it’s only a ring made of diamond that is expensive and every person desires to put a diamond ring on his/her finger well, your encounter with this case will make you change your perception.

This iPhone casing boasts of being encrusted with more than 6000 on an 18000 gold shell.

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