What you will be having is a golden phone to flaunt about if you are that kind of a person.

  1. Louis Vuitton Case- $330Louis Vuitton Case

Luis Vuitton is a known brand, and besides being in the line of handbags, shoes but they also caught the world by surprise by squeezing themselves in making iPhone case, sunglasses, and other jewelry.

This has been the most sorted case by iPhone lovers retailing at  $330 the case features an iconic Louis Vuitton that make it stand out from non-branded cases.

The benefit of this casing to your iPhone is the protection from scratches as it has a micro -fiber lining.

  1. Hand-crafted Togo Leather- $299Hand-crafted Togo Leather

This one here comes in to break the monotony of the dazzling diamond and gems encrusted cases we have mentioned in this list. If you are wondering what makes this to cost a whole $300 is the exquisite leather with a perfect finish.

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