If you spend too much on your iPhone, then match it up with a cool expensive case.

  1. Titanium Case from Brikk – $4430Titanium Case from Brikk

While it may not make a lot of sense to people on buying an expensive phone case that costs thousands of dollars while a $5-dollar case can do the same job this doesn’t bother the rich people. To them, the case needs to be as good as the phone itself.

The case is crafted from solid titanium and comes in three different colors to choose from gray, platinum or gold. The titanium shell made of this sleek case features some practical protection capabilities hence your device can’t get scratches or break if it falls. You will definitely get the value for your money when you invest in this case.

  1. Gucci Crocodile CaseGucci Crocodile Case

Gucci is a renowned brand that has been in the market for many decades now. While it’s mostly on fashion like clothes, bags, and shoes the brand has also found its place in the iPhone casing world. This case is made of crocodile shell making it the best protector for your iPhone.

More so, the case is weather resistant hence when you are out on chilly weather you don’t have to worry having your phone inside this case is well taken care of. It’s one of the best cases you can have for your iPhone.

  1. The Case-Mate Case $4271The Case-Mate Case

This case might look simple, but it’s very valuable the case is crafted with a hard plastic shell with a silicone line. What makes this case sell more is the sound proof technology that redirects the sound outside the iPhone.

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