The case is made with the best leather material hence an assurance of durability. Additionally, the case has a soft fabric lining and a 47-inch body strap.

What makes this case to stand out from the rest is the separate compartments for the phone and sleeves to keep your money, in other words, this case serves as a phone case and a wallet as well avoiding you the hustles of carrying two wallets. With all these amazing features this case is worth the $600.

  1. Swarovski Crystal Covered Case – $239Swarovski Crystal Covered Case

To the iPhone owners who love colored things, then this crystal case would be a perfect match for them. It’s a multicolored plastic case embedded with a beautiful bear, stones, roses, bows that make this case distinct from the rest out there.

  1. The Tower Flower case- $ 1495The Tower Flower case

You will like everything made of this iPhone case probably even more than the phone itself, from its compact sleek and stylish design to the well-decorated gems.

There are many features with this case that justifies its price first besides being plastic it’s the value of decoration that matters, that is the sparkling gold Eiffel tower all covered by gems and pearly white flowers.

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