One of the most expensive car under Lexus brand is the famous Lexus RX mid-sized crossover that was ranked the most expensive car in the United States in 2015.

5. Rolls- Royce Dawn

Rolls- Royce Dawn

For those people who like being seen while driving their cars all enjoying the serenity of the moving air, the Royce Dawn was designed for them. It’s a luxurious car that can be afforded by few people and has a convertible top.

4. BMW

The BMW brand is unquestionable when it comes to inventing the luxurious car that comes with a cost. The brand has been there since 1975, and they have mastered the art of manufacturing customized cars that money can buy.

One of their most luxurious cars is the 3 and four series and the mid-sized five series, and recently they are making a kill in sales by their newest release of X3 and X5 class.

3. Audi


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