The Italian carmaker Maserati is known for manufacturing luxury expensive cars with great features and accessories that make every car they manufacture worth the price tag. The release of their latest car Ghibli caught the world by surprise, it’s quite small and a bit less expensive as compared to their previous vehicles.

It features a 3.5horsepower and 3.0l twin –turbo a great luxury car for the price.

10. JaguarJaguar

Jaguar brand is associated with luxury and expensive cars despite the carmaker exchanging hands with several buyers the quality of their cars has not been compromised every car they ever made features a high quality. In 2014 alone this brand sold over 16,000 cars in the US alone.

Among the brand, models include the XF, XK, and XJ, one of their top car that leads in the sale is the F-type that is a modern improvement of E-type.

9. Porsche

Porsche is a renowned brand that manufactures one of the most luxurious vehicles one of their most expensive and popular car among many enthusiasts is the Cayenne mid-sized crossover that features different cars varying in engine and speed from 296 hp to a limit of 493 hp.

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