But the flipside is that this car is no longer on sale they just made a few units of it and if you dream of having it unless you pray that someone who owns it now decides to re-sell it.

The car features a speed of 168km/h which means that it can move from 0-10km in 16 seconds. The car was designed by one person with the best brains Friedrich Geiger as a two- seater called Cabriolet.

14. Maybach ExeleroMaybach Exelero

This spectacular car was invented in 2004 as the sports car with V12 turbo twin engine and 700 horsepower all this make it worth the price tag.

The car was built in German and as we all know German attention to details when designing their products is their priority, they designed this car as an improvement of the old version of 1930 legendary sports cars.
It was built by Maybach-Motorenbau, as a special request by Fulda tires and it features a speed of 351km/h and moves from 0-10km for 4.4 seconds!

13. Lamborghini VenenoLamborghini Veneno

If you ever hear of a luxurious car, great design and featuring a high speed, you should picture this bad boy Lamborghini. It’s no wonder a lot of film and songs has been shot featuring this luxurious car.

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