The car runs on a 3.5l V6, and it was used in the famous movie The Avengers and other comedic commercials.

1. Volvo


Years ago Volvo brand didn’t seem to care much about its car design, and they all seemed to look the same boxy with simple interior and in 2 colors if one was not blue then it was white. Thanks to stiff competition from other brands that made the company keep up with technology.

Among the Volvo luxurious and expensive models are four-door S60 sedan and the XC60 crossover that are priced at $45000 and $ 50,000 respectively.

In Conclusion:

Driving any luxury car from the above brands must bring along a lot of excitement and self-fulfillment as people say that money can’t buy happiness you will probably beg to differ when you go through this list or if you become lucky to afford one of the cars.

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