The player needs to have the ability to constantly put the breath in the tube plus the player has to enclose the tube properly and fingers should touch properly to the keys so that the right sound is produced this needs a lot of mastery which can be difficult to attain.

1. ViolinViolin

The Violin is one of the smallest musical instrument not to mention it is also arguably the most difficult instrument to play. All string instruments are said to be quite difficult but none of the stands out as much as the Violin.

The violin has 4 strings and is played with a bow which draws on the strings to produce sound. The violin prompts the use of the whole body both emotionally and physically. While playing the violin, the player needs to keep their posture right and hold the instrument correctly as well. This art is not easy to master hence a lot of practice and patience is needed to grasp the skill.

Most people start to train their kids how to play the violin when they are 4-8 years so that they can master the skill while they are still young.

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