The Guitar is probably one of the most stylish musical instruments in the world, rock stars make it look like playing the instrument is like taking a walk but in the real sense, it’s not. Learning how to play the guitar, in the beginning, is boring and tedious not to mention there is some intense pain felt on the fingers due to pulling the strings.

4. OrganOrgan

The Organ is one of the loudest, biggest and one of the most difficult instruments to play and often referred to as the king of instruments. The Organ gives very nonchalant melodious music which can easily hypnotize most of the hearts.

Though most people associate the Organ with church music, this instrument was actually played in the medieval period in and during certain events like races and games all through the Greek and Roman world. The organ is an instrument with various keyboards, which can be played either with the feet or with the hand. Mastering this technique is not quite easy, it becomes cumbersome to sustain the pedal while playing this instrument.

3. OboeOboe

The oboe instrument is a woodwind instrument with the double reed. This is a 65 cm long wooden tube with a flared bell, a conical bore and metal keys that produce an amazing sound effect.

The Oboe is a popular instrument that has been used in various film music, concert bands, chamber music and orchestras. The trick with this instrument comes with playing it. Obey players often need to have a wide chest and need to practice the skill of sustaining their breath as they play it.

2. French HornFrench Horn

The French Horn which originally originated in Germany is a bass instrument. It comprises of more than 20 feet of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. The mouthpiece of this instrument is the key to making the French Horn player good at it and produce a great sound. This musical instrument is very difficult to play.

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