Why? Because the task of using pedals to change the notes is challenging, the strain caused by the finger systems and hand locations can be cumbersome, and lastly, coordinate between the feet and hands while playing takes a lot of practice, mastering, and patience for one to get it right.

6. PianoPiano

The prevalence of using pianos has increased exceedingly since the 18th century, being the world’s most famous instrument, the piano is, in fact, the shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian word for the instrument.

The Piano is simply a soundboard with metallic strings sited that is embraced with a protective wooden case. Normally, the piano has 88 keys with each key produce a different sound variation, learning how to coordinate this keys and play a song is actually the hard part.

Any novice will not have an easy time learning the instrument particularly because learning to coordinate both hands at the same time and hit the right keys simultaneously to produce a melody can be quite a daunting task. The Piano is a very handy instrument not to mention it produces very nice sound; the piano has been used far and wide during an array of different performances.

5. Classical GuitarClassical Guitar

The classical guitar belongs to the guitar family and has 6 strings on it. Though the classical guitar resembles a modern guitar, the materials used to make them are different plus it’s harder playing the classical guitar than the modern-day guitar.

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