The use of drums is very popular in religious settings. Learning how to play the basics drums can be easy but it is quite cumbersome to learn and play the drums in high level.

8. Bag PipeBag Pipe

The Bagpipe is a common musical instrument in parades, it is as well incredibly remarkable and creates really nice music. The bagpipe is an old music instrument that belongs to aerophones which are a class of musical instrument that uses enclosed reeds. The Bag Pipe is also an old musical instrument that has its history unknown, though, the Oxford Dictionary dates its origin back as far as 1000BC.

This instrument has 9 notes that should always be played at a consistent pressure to prevent the charter from falling out of tune. In addition, this instrument requires the player to blow in air(Creating some sought of wind) so that the bagpipe can produce sound. This can be very difficult especially when the song being played takes quite some time to play.

7. HarpHarp

The harp is a very popular music instrument, that has multi-strings on it. The harp consists of strings, the neck, and the resonator. The Harp is used as a solo instrument and is very popular for producing really hot and enjoyable music.

This instrument is used in all parts of the world and has been used to play harmonious music in concerts and orchestras. Though the harp is well known for its harmonic sweet sound, playing the instrument is not easy and can be quite tedious.

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