Though Banjo is an easy instrument to make a sound on, learning how to get your fingers to coordinate the strings while playing and play up to speed is the hard part.

13. HardingfeleHardingfele

The Hardingfele looks like the violin but in a sleeker look, it has more exquisite trims and carvings plus twice as many strings a violin has. This is a customary musical instrument in Norway.

Though it looks really good, mastering how to coordinate the different strings can be quite daunting. Though, this eases with lots of practice and proper training.

12. ViolaViola

The Viola is a bow stringed instrument that is similar to the violin. However, this instrument is bigger than the Violin but has a deeper and lower sound that that of the violin.

The difficulty in playing this instrument comes in the awkward playing position, has a wide noise to music gap plus it may be painful on the fingers for a beginner.

11. DidgeridooDidgeridoo

This is a musical instrument that looks like a longhorn. This instrument is fairly hard to build. In fact, the Aboriginal craftsmen spend considerable time searching for a suitable tree to make into a didgeridoo. This instrument is quite difficult to make the right music with.

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