What is the hardest instrument to play? Like most things in life, opinions vary from person to person and we all have different abilities.

Therefore, everyone probably has their own opinion to the above question. But still then, are there some musical instruments that are said to be the hardest to play? Yes, there are. Below, we will delve into some of the top 18 hardest instruments players have reported as being quite difficult to learn and play. Scroll down further and find out.

18. CelloCello

The Cello comes from the Italian language and is a bowed stringed instrument with 4 strings perfectly placed in fifths. The Cello is a difficult instrument to play, mainly because of the increments in the notes are much further apart than other stringed instruments. Thus, this requires more shifting, and since the notes are indefinite on a string instrument it is harder to get the right note effect. Other than that, the cello has a very wide range, 5 octaves.

The hardest part when playing the Cello is that you need to co-ordinate your bow and fingers together too and these in themselves need separate co-ordination hence mastering this act is not easy. A lot of string hopping is involved as well in getting the right desired sound which means that playing is not that easy as well.

17. PiccoloPiccolo

This instrument is designed for people with small hands, other than that, it requires one to blow in so much air so that it can produce high ends which can be difficult to maintain while playing.

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