Located in Australia, this is the oldest tropical rainforest there is. History has it that it has been in existence for the past 110 million years. Given its age, it surely must contain a rich collection of fauna and flora species and amazing wonders. Speaking of which, it is home to rare animals in the world including platypuses, wallabies, and kangaroos.

3. Kelp Forest, Monterey Bay AquariumKelp Forest, Monterey Bay Aquarium

The rough Pacific Waters off the Coast of California provide nutrients necessary for the growth of kelps – giant kelps. These grow to heights of 10-12 inches in a single day. Along the Monterey shore, the kelps have formed a dense forest. Going under, you will have your breath taken away with not only the kelp forest and its beauty in the illuminated green waters but by sea lion sightings as well.

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