Even if you are one of those individuals who could care for nothing else but video games and movies, or date night outs and parties, you will be impressed by what mother-nature has to offer. This post will take you through a list of forest that you just will have to add them to your bucket list and possibly change your whole outlook on life altogether. Their beauty, as you will see from the images (first the images then, in real life when you plan for a visit), will blow you away.

10. Humboldt Redwoods State ParkHumboldt Redwoods State Park

A forest is just an area that is covered with lots of trees right? Well, the Humboldt Redwoods forest edits this definition and adds large trees to it. The forest is made up of many, not just normal trees but large trees. As a matter of fact, three of the tallest trees known to man are found in this Californian forest. You can stand in awe of the greatness of the trees in this forest, but that is just about it. Trying to hug it will be a huge fail, well, not unless you are ‘Stretch’ from The Fantastic Four and have freakishly long arms.

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