Chrissie gained fame after she released two albums in 2009 and 2010 and since then, her successful career was set. She started her career as an actor in the horror movie “Womb Ghosts” in 2009, and has since appeared in over 20 successful productions.

8. Liu WenLiu Wen

Liu Wen is a Chinese model who holds the tier for being the first Asian model to get an opportunity to walk on Victoria Secret runway. Liu was born in Hunan, China and is a successful fashion model.

She is the spokesperson for the highly esteemed brand Estee Launder, she was also listed on the Forbes list of the highest-paid models in the world and also the first Asian model to be featured on this list. In 2014, and she was named as the newest supermodel.

Other than that, Liu has represented over 3 different agencies of different countries. It is safe to say that Liu Wen has quite a successful modeling career in her sleeves.

7. Lin Chi-lingLin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese model based in China. She is particularly famous for her physical looks and charming personality and gentle demeanor.

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