She started modeling in high school and expanded her talents to the entertainment industry where she was quite a remarkable model.

Her acting career is currently doing better than her modeling as she was nominated in 2010 for an award for the “Best Television Actress in a Television Series” in the 45th Golden Bell awards.

10. Zhang ZiyiZhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is one of the top Chinese actresses and models. Her modeling career has been quite successful through the years as she is accredited as one of the Four Dan Actresses of the Chinese film industry.

Other than that, she is credited seven international awards for her role in the movie “The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” she has also been named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM, Taiwan not to mention she took the first position in the FHM’s polls of the “Most Beautiful Women in Asia”. To say the least Zhang Ziyi is a famous hot and beautiful model.

9. Chrissie ChauChrissie Chau

This is one of the most popular and hottest Chinese models in the world. Chrissie Chau was born on May 22, 1985, in Chaozhou. She is a popular actress and celebrity model based in China.

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