This diva started her career in the entertainment industry as a model who was remarkably successful before she made her debut to the film industry through the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”. Her acting career has also been very successful.

12. Tien HsiTien Hsi

Tien Hsi is one of the most popular models and actresses in China. She is unbelievably hot and beautiful, her skill and talents on the runway and performance skills in all her films leave a lot to be admired.

She is not only considered as one of the hottest models in China but also in the world. You will find her name in almost all of the top beautiful and hottest lists and for good reasons.

She has an enviably sculpted body and stunning looks. This girl knows how to use what she has as she has graced many runways with her great looks giving any actress and model a run for her money.

11. Bianca BaiBianca Bai

Born in 1982, Bianca Bai is one of the most stunning, beautiful and respected actresses and models in East Asia. This Taiwan model and actress first started as a model before shifting her career to acting.

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