Get to know the history of France by visiting this massive castle located in the Versailles about 12 miles from Paris. It is one of the largest and beautiful castles in the world covering an area of 721,182 sq Ft. Further, it sits in a field of 87,728,720 square feet with beautiful gardens and water fountains. Getting an opportunity to enter into the palace, it is impressive monuments as you will witness the finest French art, hall of mirrors, and Royal Opera of Versailles and grand apartments. The castle is also classified as one of world heritage by UNESCO and receives over 4 million visitors per year.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle, GermanyNeuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Although the Neuschwanstein Castle isn’t as old as the rest European structures, it is one of the most famous and attractive in the Europe. Built in the 19th C by King Ludwig II to keep away from the public, shortly after his death public was allowed to access it. Its strategic hilltop positioning enables visitors to enjoy a clear view of the adjacent municipality. Moreover, the scenic landscapes keep your eyes busy without desires to blinks. Interior has a variety of beautiful paintings. The exterior design depicts a magic kingdom, and its image appears in the renowned filmmaker Walt Disney.

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