For once we got to appreciate our favorite actors and actresses for bringing entertainment right in our living room, think about it for a minute how life would be boring without some sought of entertainment to enlighten our evenings after a long day full of pressure at work.

Thanks to them that our leisure times spent in front of a T.V set while curled on the couch has become worthwhile.

For so long entertainment industry, acting to be precise have been dominated by Hollywood stars most of them from American origin, but in recent years Indians have stepped up to break the dormancy by doing what they know best, and that is Acting.

This left me wondering where have they been for all this time, why sleep on such great talents!. Here we bring forth a list of top 16 most beautiful Bollywood actresses that not only have talents to act but are seemingly beautiful to the extent that even if you are not a fan of their movies, you will find yourself glued to the T.V admiring their beauty.

15. Aliah Bhat

Aliah Bhat

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